Assam Healthcare Cooperative Society Ltd. is authorised to raise a capital of Rs.10,000,000 to develop and run the following services:

  1. Clinic, hospital and diagnostics
  2. Ambulance
  3. Pharmacy and Optician Services
  4. Home-based medical care
  5. Scheme to help meet the healthcare cost of the participant members
  6. Instil in the members the spirit and practice of thrift, self- and mutual-help
  7. Welfare activities for the promotion of their moral, education and health
  8. All other activities as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of all of the above

The services are provided directly by the cooperative or in arrangement with established and reputed third party diagnostic centres and hospitals.

We deliver all our direct services at the not-for-profit basis while services by the collaborating third-party providers are offered at a pre-negotiated discount to our members.

1st phase

  1. Model Polyclinic offering general as well as specialist consultations (at Ayurkalpa, Guwahati Club)
  2. Preventative Health Check-up for Chronic Diseases (at Ayurkalpa, Guwahati Club)
  3. Medicines and related products (at Ayurkalpa, Guwahati Club)
  4. Optician service (at Ayurkalpa, Guwahati Club)
  5. Medical Insurance with the return of the part of the commission
  6. Patient transport service
  7. Diagnostics investigations in arrangement with reputed third party diagnostic Centre at the lowest possible pre-negotiated rates (Ayursundra, Panacea, Primus, Pathcare)
  8. Hospital treatment in arrangement with reputed third party hospitals at the lowest possible pre-negotiated rate (Ayursundra, Down Town, Indraprashtha Apollo)

2nd phase

  1. Renal Dialysis Services (daycare clinic and home-based)
  2. Intra-venous (Chemo)Therapy (Daycare)
  3. Home-based medical care

3rd phase

  1. Model hospital
  2. Model Diagnostics Centre
  3. Expansion of the services beyond Guwahati