Medical Care Providers

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These are medical care providers who have tied up with us to offer rebates on medical bill and other privileges to our members.

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If you are a medical care provider and would like to cut down on your marketing budget and pass on the benefit to the service users, then tie up with us and be part of this unique endeavour to reduce the medical expenditure of the citizens.


Diagnostic Centre

Dentist & Optician


Save on Your Investigations

We are a Pathkind Franchisee. You get a 25% rebate as a co-operative member including on home collection. Just produce your membership card.

Assam Healthcare Cooperative
222, Abanai Complex, MC Road
WhatsApp: 90852 28863
Home Collection
Call: 92679 90674

Avail of an 11% discount on pharma, 4% discount on FMCG, and 12% discount on Apollo private label items at your nearest Apollo Pharmacy (excluding hospital-based Pharmacy).

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