Annual Report 2022-23

This report covers the period from April 2022 to March 2023. This period reflects recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many other businesses, the Cooperative’s activities remained subdued.


The Guwahati Club office premises are our current registered offices. A physiotherapist currently shares a part of the premises and contributes ₹ 5000 per month towards the rent. The premises in Jalukbari are presently being refurbished to be used as a knowledge and information hub, including health and welfare information for the students of Guwahati University. This is a collaborative project with the Northeast India Business Council (NEIBC), which has borne all the renovation costs.

We continued to forge alliances with more diagnostic centres, hospitals, optometrists, dentists, and pharmacies. From 2022 to 2023, we partnered with ten hospitals and six diagnostic centres.



We don’t have a sound mechanism to collect data on the benefits our partners receive from our membership. From limited data, we could gather that our members collectively availed of Rs. 6,93,644.00 in 2018-19 as a discount from four centres. In comparison, in 2019-20, the concrete figures obtained from Ayursundra (diagnostic division) showed members availed of Rs. 12,00,000  in the form of a discount. From 2020 to 21, we reported that Excel Healthcare Hospitals served 112 of our members.

In 2021-22, data from only nine partners showed that our members availed of a rebate of ₹ 3,374,905 (estimated). In the current year, we have received information from 15 partners, which has only been completed up to December 2022 from a few. We collect the information as comprehensively as possible to build a complete picture. We have about 50 partners (diagnostic centres, hospitals, clinics, opticians, dentists, and pharmacies), and our members’ savings in out-of-pocket medical expenses would be substantially higher.

Diagnostics/Hospitals Patient Amount of Rebates
Panacea 365 ₹ 463,970.00
Assam Health Care Diagnostics 324 ₹ 276,964.00
Primus 210 ₹ 550,490.00
SRL Diagnostics 95 ₹ 233,770.00
Apollo Clinic 15 ₹ 110,000.00
Reliance Med Lab 1 ₹ 300.00
Medishade 10 ₹ 15,000.00
Vivan Diagnostic 2 ₹ 2,000.00
Friends Optical 5 ₹ 11,000.00
Down Town Hospital 12 ₹ 125,750.00
Nemcare Hospital 35 ₹ 350,000.00
Marowari Metarnity Hospital 3 ₹ 7,500.00
Swasti Hospital (Rangia) 7 ₹ 56,000.00
Swagat Hospital 4 ₹ 40,000.00
Total 1088 ₹ 2,242,744.00

The cooperative’s core strength is its beneficiaries, and the enrolment of beneficiaries is its core strategy.

The beneficiary enrolled in 2022-23 was 1056 (compared to 750 in 2021-22) with a revenue collection of ₹ 425,950.00 (compared to ₹ 376,300 in 2021-22). Thus, at the end of the period, our total beneficiary members stand at just over 7,806.

We are not actively selling shares. Still, we had eleven new shareholders during the period (Total: 265), raising a share capital of ₹ 165,000.

We are the only Cooperative society in the Healthcare which is Not-for-Profit.

You can represent us by becoming a proud member of the society and help create a sustainable citizen-owned medical enterprise.


In partnership with Assam Healthcare Collaborative, we established a franchisee Of All India Diagnostic Chain ‘Thyrocare’ in November 2021. The centre has yet to pick up, but the prospect is bright.

The community outreach non-communicable disease screening health camps have played vital roles in enrolling new beneficiaries over the last few years. We have conducted 13 camps this calendar year, a real achievement.

Health Camps
Date Place Enrolment
08.05.2022 Behorbari 6
02.07.2022 Shipajarh 5
05.07.2022 Shipajarh 2
08.07.2022 Shipajarh 5
20.07.2022 Jayanagar 3
05.09.2022 Narengi 5
08.09.2022 A.T. Road 4
08.11.2022 Renault Car Showroom 0
21.11.2022 Assam Secretariat 6
22.11.2022 Assam Secretariat 3
23.11.2022 Assam Secretariat 4
25.11.2022 Assam Secretariat 12
20.12.2023 Dispur College 13



We have not issued any cash dividends to our shareholders. Our operating deficit has reduced to Rs. 264,741 from 345,489. However, if we don’t include the depreciation of Rs. 182,219, the amount is reduced to Rs. 82,522. We raised a share capital of Rs. 90,000, which helped to balance the expenditure.

We are following a long-term strategy to create a substantial membership base, enabling us to develop and run our services. This will require significant organisational capacity building, during which we may be unable to offer dividends. In the meantime, many of our shareholders have reaped substantial benefits from their investment, which is true in the spirit of Cooperative principles.

The cooperative’s net worth as a social enterprise is much more than its tangible assets. The steadily increasing beneficiary base, tie-ups, and growing brand familiarity among the public are non-tangible assets that the Cooperative should be able to leverage.
We strive to break even, improve our receipts, and lower expenditures. Over the last few years, we have cut expenses and managed with only one staff member. Our primary source of revenue is beneficiary enrollment. We have emphasised group membership starting from 2021-22 with Dispur College and the Pollution Control Board. We have enrolled the staff in group SEBA (310) and West Goalpara College (18) in 2022-23. There has been immense potential to expand group membership.

The Cooperative has successfully obtained CSR Funding Registration, a significant first step toward eligibility to apply for and receive CSR funding. The Cooperative still needs I.T. registration to carry out charitable activities and income tax exemption registration for the donors, which have been applied for. These registrations will allow the Cooperative to receive CSR and Charitable grants to develop not-for-profit services to serve the general public and our members.


  1. Conceptualised and produced the feasibility report for a hospital/community diagnostic and day-care centre to provide consultations, same-day elective care, elective procedures, and maternal and child health.
  2. Continue new tie-ups with established service providers nationwide and at the national level.
  3. Expand the beneficiary base, particularly by targeting group membership.
  4. Publish Health Magazines and health Guides on topics, e.g., Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Obesity.
  5. Organise conferences on healthcare issues to raise awareness.
  6. To plan a diagnostic centre and a general hospital.

We understand that developing and running our services, e.g., a hospital, even if a small one, requires efficiency, expertise, and resources. Currently, the Cooperative is still developing its capacity. However, we are in a good position to plan to explore soft loans and funding, including crowdfunding, to expand our services. In the meantime, we will play the role of a catalyst to create a consortium of like-minded benevolent organisations and shareholders to engage in ethical medical services under the umbrella of the Cooperative. Our prime concerns are an innovation in service delivery and citizens’ engagement in this effort.



Dr. Jayanta B Sarma (Chairperson)

Shri Jagadish Sarma (Vice-Chairperson)

Dr. Sujit Bordhan (Chief Executive Officer)

Dr Ramen Talukdar, Shri Surendra Nath Kalita, Shri Parameswar Sharma, Shri Shyamal Bhattacharyya, Shri Dipak Kumar Pathak, Shri Premkanta Chaudhury, Shri Samujjal Kumar Bhattacharyya, Shri Utpal Barua, Shri Rajendra Kumar Gupta, Dr. Bijuli Goswami, Dr. Dipti Rekha Sarma, Dr. Bhupendra Deva Sarma, Dr. Nripen Barkataki, Advocate Dhiraj Baruah

Invitees to the Board of Directors

Shri Pinku Chaudhury, Shri Sazzad Alam, ACS, Shri Dhruba Garg

Professor Arup Hazarika, Shri Manjit Nath, Shri Hriday Ranjan Pathak, Shri Hiranya Goswami, Shri Rana Basistha, Shri Karendra Kalita, Shri Jayanta Talukdar, Shri Arup Sarma

We take this opportunity to thank all our shareholders for their support in our continued endeavour to pioneer this approach towards ‘Citizen Driven Healthcare‘.

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