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Reduce Your Out of Pocket Medical Expenses by Joining Us.

We partnered with leading medical care providers and negotiated rebates on your bill.

Vision and Services


A people-centred healthcare model by promoting evidence-based medicine to reduce unnecessary investigations and medicalisation.


Guided by the cooperative principles, we aim to create a sustainable enterprise and expand securing cooperation from like-minded organisations and service providers.


Cooperative’s Beneficiary Members reduce their Out of Pocket medical expenses up to 40% at our partner hospitals, diagnostic centres and pharamcies.

Preventative Health

We conduct regular community outreach preventative Health Check-up camps targetting non-communicable diseases such as obescity, diabetes and hypertension.

Blood Tests

At our franchisee blood collection centre and through a developing network we provide laboratory blood tests at a subcidised cost to our members and public.


As a Citizen organisation we takes advocacy close to our heart to prmote health and improve medical care including helping victims of medical negligence.